The Top 1 Reason Why All Articles Have Been Reduced to Lists

1. Generation-Y is lazy.

Yeah, I said it. Not only are we lazy, we have the attention span of goldfish…. Writing has been reduced to lists because we cannot focus long enough to read more than a sentence at a time without receiving a 3 word text message or getting a Facebook notification consisting of incomplete and grammatically incorrect sentences.

We have been brought up to seek instant gratification, and in a world that moves so quickly, we couldn’t POSSIBLY be expected to read an article with more than 3 sentences per paragraph even though we’re glued to our smart phones 28 hours a day.

We want to read an article in less than 5 minutes (and let’s face it, even that is a stretch considering the majority of Gen-Y prefers not to read at all). We want to know what to expect, therefor, articles have been reduced to a quick list of the top reasons for *insert subject of lame article here*.

In this day and age, writing consists no longer of compelling arguments, flowery word choice, and anything with a legitimate point or purpose, a writer, like myself, has no reason to have talent anymore; it’s about what causes the most BUZZ.

There is no story here. No way to create an emotional reaction. No beginning, middle or end. No reason to further education or expand your creative muscles because at the end of the day, writing for an organization who exclusively publishes lists in place of legitimate articles, does not require talent. They require 10 fingers, fast typing and half a brain.

I was guilty of it too, both writing and reading said lists to conform to yet another one of society’s recent slumps. But I am taking a stand against lists.

Why? Because I refuse for my talent to be reduced to a list. I refuse to succumb to the “time-saving” of said lists, because in reality, it isn’t saving time. It’s wasting time. Why read some bullshit article about the top 10 most shocking Miley Cyrus moments when there are things happening every day that amount to more?

We need to be better. We have been watered down, washed up and reduced to seeking the most attention, with the smallest amount of effort, using the most despicable means.

This doesn’t have to be the future… We still have time to change.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi
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